What is diabetes? How can it be controlled?

diabetes is a disease of human body which is impaired our to the hormone insuline . For this abnormal metabolism of carbonhydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the body.
It is a chronic condition associated with abnormallyhigh levels of glucose in the blood of human body.
If it occurs insulin produced by the pancreas lowers biood glucose.
Actually, absence or insufficient production of insuline or an inability of the body to properly use insulin cause diabetes.


What should it be in control?

Basically, there are two of diabetes occurs in human body.

they are – 1) type 1

2) type 2


Symptoms of type 1 type 2 diabetes include-
1) hunger
2) excessive thirst
3) fatigue
4) skin problem
5) slow healing wounds
6) yeast infection
7) tingling in the feet
8) weight loss
9) increased urin output

Normally blood glucose levels are tighty controlled by insulin. insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas.
Diabetess is the last stage or the  leading cause of death. Recent years the U.S.A published that huge number of people died for diabetess in every year.
If anybody attacted with diabetessshe can lead to blindness, kidney fsilure, herve damage, strokes, coronary heart disease and other large blood vessel diseases.
If diabetess occure than the patient should follow the diet routine.

He should avoaid suger, grains, milk cigarette, alcohol, excessive oil from the diet chart.
Diabetess is not curable diseses. It stays our body till our death. But, the good news is if he maintains rules strickly then he can lead a normal life.
When a person who have diabetess, his body either dose not make enough insulin or dose not use the insulin properly. It can damages his body and body parts.
Do not think  skinny can not have diabetess. Obese or thin both of them may be attacked with diabetess. Genetis plays a role in developing type 2 diabetess.
The funniest thing is suger dose not cause diabetess. But if he attacted with diabetes suger is strickly prohibited from suger.
It is very eassy to test yourself for diabetes.it can be cheaked in home also. By testing in home buy a blood glucose meter and push. The neddle in finger. When the blood come, then he can cheaked his diabetess otherwise he can go to the doctors to chake his diabetes.
It increses the risk of other serious vision conditions, such as blindness, strock, untreateddiabetes causes very dangerous deseases.
If he have diabetes high blood suger can also causes tingling in hands, legs and feet.
If anybody attacked with diabetess, he should drink more water and exercise. Exercise can control blood suger levels and try to eat a protein snack.
It is not a dangerous diseas . If anyone can maintains the rule and diet chart strickly. It can ensure the best way to life for survive.

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