The food needs to be eaten every day to keep the eyes well

The main part of our body is ears, lungs , heart ,hands, eyes or basically the whole part in very important. Eyes are one of the important part among the others body. With eyes we see everything. But many of them do not take care of our eyes. Eyes are closely related to us. To avoid eye problems, we should eat some food regularly to keep our eyes healthy. So that we can easily cure many diseases to reduce eye problem. There are many fishes, fruits and vegetables on our side. We can get proper nutrition to eat these foods. Such as;


The food needs to be eaten every day to keep the eyes well


Carrots: Carrots are vey useful for our eye. Almost every color of orange or yellow fruits or vegetables have beta  – carotene. It also absorbs the flow of light and it seen low light on night.

Vegetables: Usually green vegetables like; broccoli, spinach, cabbage or yellow vegetables like; carrots pumpkins are also develop our eyes power. Green vegetables are enriched with vitamin A  ,C,B and calcium. So we should take everyday these types of food.

Spinach: Generally spinach contains vitamin A which protect our cornea. Spinach have lutein organic

Cabbage: Winter season vegetables are cabbage .It contains  , much vitamin C which is very essential for eye . Besides these it is cheap in price and available everywhere.

Garlic: garlic is protecting eye lenses from eye cataracts and helps to cure various types of diseases of old reduce cholesterol levels , and increase resistant power and blood flow.

Oranges: orange is enriched with vitamin C is much valuable for eyes and skin. According to research ,if anybody takes an orange everyday for ten years; he or she can reduce blindness 64% then others .so, everybody needs to be kept in food menu.

Berry: various types of berry fruits are better for healthy eyes. Different types of berry  , blackberry etc. there are different berry fruits have anti-oxide which helps to permanent collagen and also act as a cure for inflammation . It helps to increase eye-sight as much of strong the nerve system of eyes .It also control information and control blood pressure flow .The fruits of have ‘AN THOCYANIN substance .So that the artery of eye cure blockage.

Chicken: chicken have sufficient ZINC and Vitamin B which keeps a great impact in our can be eat many way

Egg: if anybody start their day by eating two or one egg, his or her eyesight will be develop .It is very useful for our eye lance .In the same way , yolk is also very useful .It prevent eye disease at an older age.

Fish: After vegetables fish is very important element .Most of the fish has the quality to keep our eyes good. Specially small fish ,such as mola fish , rosewood food etc. These types of fishes are fried with their head is good for eye sight  power .On the other hand, sea-fish, like ;tuna fish, salmon fish are also reduce eyesight problem and take care eye retina. fishes have OMEGA 3 fatty acid which keep strong our eye sight problem and take care of eye.

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