Some Health Tips Which keeps you well all the time.



If the body is good then the work longing increase as well as the mind is  breezy and refresh. And if the mind is good then everything feels good. Moreover, healthy, beautiful and fit body is all the desire.The importance of being healthy is found only if it is sick.If the body is not healthy, the mind will not be good. So you have to be concerned about the health of the body and mind. And there is no need to do anything extra for that. If you follow your daily routine rules, you will be healthy.

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Some Health Tips Which keeps you well all the time





Let’s know some rules to stay healthy-


###Role of Vitamin Nutrition To be healthy, eat nutritious food every day. The nutrient content of the calorie required is very important. If they do not get it properly, the proper development of the body is obstructed. All of the nutrients needed for the body are available from different foods. Find out what nutrients should be in the food list every day, health

# Protein: Protein is very important for the formation of body cells, muscles and tissues. The source of protein for eggs, meat, nuts, pulses, fish and dairy products. So eat such food every day.

#Vitamin D: Vitamin D needs to be listed on daily diet for strong bone. Milk, eggs and tuna are available from the sun as well as vitamin D.

#Iron: Iron is an important component of the body. If there is a lack of iron, there may be several types of illness from the body’s oxygen supply. Essential iron is available from pulse, liver, egg yolk, pulp, oatmeal, fish, bean seeds, chicken meat and watermelon.

# Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in increasing disease prevention. To keep the youth alive, it is also possible to keep Vitamin C eat foods on the daily diet list. Playing green vegetables will fill the needs of Vitamin C. It will help keep health well

#Fatty: Some people think that avoiding fats should keep away from various diseases. However healthy is necessary for fat recovery.

# Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate contains a large portion of the calories needed. Carbohydrates are available from sweet and fiber foods.

# Vitamin B: Vitamin D helps in food digestion. This nutrition component is also important for being healthy and functioning as well. Thymolin, folic acid, Ribflavin, biodont Vitamin B12, B6 and B5 should be eaten rich food every day. Vitamin B is available from eggs, milk, meat and liver. Our body is 60 percent water. So there is no alternative to drinking enough water every day.

Eating Habits

health,body,weight loss, food

Some Health Tips Which keeps you well all the time




  1. Build regular and moderate eating habits. Increase the fiber content in the food list. Reduce the diet of fats and    fats. Stop fastfood foods completely.
  1. Drink one to two glasses of water at the beginning of the meal. Drink water at least one to two hours after the meal.
  1. Eat less red meat (four-legged animal meat), sweet, ghee, daldas, pulses and pods.
  1. Put fruits and vegetables in the food list. You can eat a little more than once at a time.
  1. Should eat early in the night. Develop sleeping habits after one to two hours of eating.
  2. It will keep good health

To do that everyday for good health


health,fitness,weight loss, food

Some Health Tips Which keeps you well all the time

Regular exercise is a good practice to keep body fit. Exercise also has some rules, but many of us do not know them properly. But you do not believe it again. But to keep yourself healthy and normal, the rules of exercise must be well known and have to be tried. Here’s a few things to start exercising, which is important to know.

  1. Develop the habit of sleeping in the morning. Take a bath before going to school, college or office in the morning.
  1. Regular and moderate sleep needs good health and safety. Leave sleeping habits in the day and make early sleep habits early in the night.
  1. Those who have fat or buds can do regular and proper exercise. You can consult a physiotherapist for this. Remember that wrong exercises can increase your problem.
  1. Do not do the abdominal exercises at all. But if you get too much hunger it will be difficult. Before you start, you can eat something like toast or an apple.
  1. It is not okay to exercise very tight or hard clothing. If you wear tight clothes, your bracelet may be blocked anywhere. This will not result in full benefits of exercise.
  1. Before doing heavy exercises that will cause stress on walking, jogging or foot, there must be good training. Otherwise, pain in the joints or cells of the legs will hurt, as well as pain on the back.
  1. Try to breathe normally during exercise. Do not ever breathe hard. Exercise as well as can breathe well. However, the practice of breathing during the seat or yoga is different. In this case, the rules of the seat will be strictly obeyed.
  1. In the beginning, do not have too much heavy exercises for a long time. Take the light exercises for a short period of time. Increase every day a little bit.
  1. Exercise will only stop exercising while exercising. Consult the specialist or the pricker if necessary. It will keep good health

10 If you exercise for an hour, then do the first four or five minutes of light and slow exercise. The last two-three minutes too.

  1. The exercises that you do, at the beginning, do a little stretching and warm up. If there is a possibility of injury to the muscles and ligaments.
  1. Keep the brain busy for various tasks like read the newspaper, match puzzles, and crossword solutions. If the brain is active then it will improve memory, and even increase learning skills.
  1. Try to walk flat on day to day. Remember that walking is the best exercise. Regularly walk at least one to two hours walking.

    14 Create six to seven hours of sleep habits every day.

If you do not need to go over 15 feet, use the stairs instead of the elevator.

  1. Think all the healthy and beautiful and laugh, and the disease resistance will increase in the body. Health will be improve

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