Important things that you should know about diabetes

What is diabetes?

When the body’s pancreas (which is a type of gland / gland) fails to produce enough insulin hormone, then diabetes disease occur. The main energy source of our body is glucose which insulin is required to enter every cell of the body. According to glucose levels in the body, insulin is produced. When insulin is low production / not completely, then the body cells can not take / take / take less glucose (type 1), and sometimes the body itself produces insulin resistance (type 2), and this glucose even after having adequate insulin .The body failed to penetrate cells. As a result, blood glucose or blood sugar continues to grow. This condition is called diabetes.

Important things that you should know about diabetes

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Diabetes Symptoms
A. Frequent  urination
B. Too much thirsty
C. Getting  more hunger
D Weight  loss  despite  eating  enough
E. Feeling  tired and weak
F. Delay to wound dry
G. Skin disorders  such as  scabies, boils etc.
J. Visually  less  visible

The way to diagnose

Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring the levels  of blood glucose  . The amount of glucose in a healthy person’s blood plasma is less than 6.1 ml of free and less than 7.8 ml of meal after 2 hours or 2 hours after eating 75 grams of glucose, the amount of glucose in the blood plasma is less than 11.1 millimol. Glucose is 0.06 ml or more in the blood plasma of any person and 2 hours after eating food or 75 grams of glucose, blood glucose amount of 11.1 ml or more in blood plasma or more than 1.5% of blood donation If more, he is diagnosed as a diabetes patient.



Reasons to Diabetes
Anyone at any age can be infected with diabetes at any time. However, the following people are more likely to develop it:
A. Those who have a family of particularly related parents or blood related to diabetes.
B. Those who have a lot of weight and who do not do any work of exercise or physical work.
C. Those who have used cortisol drugs for a long time.
D Women who had diabetes during pregnancy, women who gave birth to over 9 pounds.
E. Those who have blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood are more.


What to do in the management of diabetes?
There are four rules in the management –
1. Food system
2. Sufficient physical work and exercise
3. Medicines
4. Diabetes Education

Food arrangements:
If diabetes is to follow a specific dietary regimen. The main purpose of keeping food rules is to keep it under control and to keep healthy.


Important things that you should know about diabetes

health fitness food


Food Adoption Policy
A. If the weight of the body is too low or less then it is normal to increase and maintain it if it is normal.
B. Sugar, sweet foods are excluded.
C. Eat some sugary foods and eat it.
D Eat more of fennel foods.
E. Eat less saturated fat and practice intake of unsaturated fat.
F. Eat quantity of calorie foods.
G. Eat food at certain times

H. Do not miss eating any food.

Sufficient physical work and exercise

Important things that you should know about diabetes

health food fitness


Physical exercises on controlling disease are very important. Exercise or physical exertion helps in the movement of muscles and helps in movement of blood. The body is healthy As a result, the effectiveness of insulin increases. The body will be healthy enough to walk at least 30 minutes and at least 5 days a week.


Important things that you should know about diabetes

health food fitness

All diabetics have to follow food, exercise and discipline. Due to the proper condition of elderly patients in particular, the disease comes under control. But type-1 diabetes patients need insulin injections. Type-2 ,patients have to use food pills and insulin if needed.

It is a life-long disease; It is possible to keep the disease in full control if proper action is taken. Therefore, for the treatment of this disease, patients need diabetes as well as education, as well as the relatives of the patient should have knowledge about this disease. Because there is no alternative to education.

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