How To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Strong

Heart is the most  precious organ of Almighty. But now a days, the problems of heartsincreases day by day. For this reasons, almost thousands of people are died in every day. On the other hand, hearts disease is too harmful to make a disable or impaired. Generally it happens for unhygienic food habit, lacking of physical labor, depression, smoking or genetically and so on are  responsible for diseases. So, we should maintain good health for good hearts. Besides these we have to follow some easy rules in daily activities of our life. Some important issues are:



1. Ensure enough sleep:

Enough sleep is a mandatory things to keep a healthy heart. Ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day to maintain good hearts.

2. Imbibe green tea or coffee:

This is great news of coffee lovers. World famous beverage are coffee and green tea. In every day who drinks 20% of green tea or 15%  of coffee he or she will lower risk from attacks.

3. Strictly avoid smoke:

Tobacco is the most harmful things for hearts disease . The chemicals emitted from cigarette smoke is like a poison to smoker and non smoker. Because of this, the risk of heart disease get increased.

4. Take nutritious food:

Nutritious food reducing our hearts problems. Healthy food items improve our blood flow through the body.

5. Take sufficient amount of antioxidant:

To keep our hearts healthy we should take sufficient amounts of antioxidants. To get antioxidant we should eat beans, peas nuts etc.

6. Oral hygiene:

Oral health is one of the most important to maintain good health. Sometimes, some bacteria in our mouth involved with the blood stream and information in the blood vessels. To reduce this problems everyday should flossing and brushing to fit oral hygiene and also heart.

7. Don’t take much fast food:

Fast food items are appealing but they are not healthy for heart. Sometimes this food create fat clogs in arteries by raising unnecessary cholesterol levels. Besides this; these also lowering better cholesterol levels.

8. Don’t sit at a stretch:

By sitting anywhere for long times, it creates blood clot. If anybody sits at a starch it would harmful to hearts. In this case sometimes exercise doesn’t attack. We must take a few shorter walks on move up down during our sitting.

9. Diabetes identify:

Diabetes is the very close to heart failure. If diabetes attacks, everybody should change lifestyle.

10. Eat enough seasonal fruits:

Seasonal fruits  are the best source to reduce heart attacks. We have to take blue berries, flax seeds, avocado, pomegranate etc are good for cure these types of diseases.

11. Keep seasonal vegetables in daily menu:

Tomato, broccoli, cauliflower , spinach are the  best food items of to reduces heart problems.

12. Maintain emotional and mental health:

This one is the most important to maintain good heart. Emotional or mental health keeps good to health and reducing health attack

13. Do inspiration work which you love:

We must do the things which we enjoyed. This is a tonic of healthy heart.

Always do the work you have got entertainment and love. This inspiration reduces heart failure.

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