How to get Healthy Hair ?

how to get rid of dandruff ?

To get shiny and healthy hair the 1st condition is dandruff free hair. Various problems are caused for dandruff. For example hair fall for reduce brightness of hair and so no. we can apply various types of tips to gel dandruff free hair but , to get rid of dandruff problem forever we can apply anti dandruffshampoo with herbal treatment. Please do not be afraid. It can do in your resident .you don’t need go to parlor.How to get Healthy Hair

How to make this herbal pack:

  • 20g of raw alma
  • Mastered oil of 250ml
  • Raw henna leaves of 1oog


At 1st gather all the hennaleaves and blend all alma with fork. Next hot mastered oil. Then mix henna leaves and alma into this hot oil fry this till the leaves are crispy. Then get cool this leaves and Alma in a big shape of bowl. When this mixture will be cool hand of the oil you can use this mixture not to keep in refrigeration use this mixture before the previous night of shampooing when you apply this you must massage your scalp. If you wear a shower cap them your bed is hot spoil. In next day. When you apply shampoo them you notice that your shiny and smooth hair


How to get long hair ?


Long hair is blessing. Most of the girls went to get long and healthy hair. Every girl desires to get black long and healthy hair. But the matter of regret that today it is very rare tofind healthy long and black hair. To get long hair you have to maintain some rules. The tips are given below:How to get Healthy Hair

1/ teamedyour hair within 8-10 weeks letter regularly.

2/ Apply conditioner after use shampoo.

3/ Follow hot oil massage. Do it minimum once weak.

4/ Brush your hair before go to bed.

5/ Never wrap or twisted your hair after bath.

6/ Apply on your hair and scalp one tea spoon of oil and egg white mixture. Besides these brush your hair at least 3 to 5 minutes in the position of down head do it regularly. Must stay free from tension…….

How can increase your hair length in short time:

Slow hair growth! It is a common problem how a days. However it is very natural because of pollution of life style stress and lacking of nutrition. To get healthy hair. But how to increase hair length in short time you follow some tips:

1/massage scalp in daily. A very common sentence we heard from our grand moms that use oil to grow oil. But the fact is oil does not help to grow hair massage on scalp helps to grow hair when you massage your scalp your hair growth become very faster. Because of massaging on scalp the hair growthof hair is active for this it reduces hair fall and helps to grow hair faster. Massage oil on scalp twice a week and them apply shampoo you can also get extra facilities by applying this. It is also like deconditioning.

2/ Castor oil is the king of reproduction of hair growth castor oil helps to increase your hair growth. It have vitamin E and essential fatty acid which have no side effects. So it helps to grow hair faster. To take same portion of castor oil with coconut oil / olive oil or almond oil and massage it on scalp. Stay this way within 30-35 minutes. Then apply shampoo. Do it twice on a weak. If it is not possible do it once a weak. To reduce stress you can add some essential oil

3/ A special hair mask:

Egg are the best must for hair growth. Eggs have high protein and iron, phosphorus, zink, selenium, Sulphur. Take one or two eggs according to length of hair and add some extra virgin oil olive oil. Apply this on hair. When it dried apply shampoo. If you have dandruff problem add some learn juice. These tips helps to get black shine and long hair.

Broken the last portion of hair?

  • If the hair is broken it cannot be healthy. So to teamed hair first. It can also do in your home or go to parlor for teaming. Oil the essential food for hair to get provide nutrition for hair apply oil regularly. We usually use coconut oil. To understand your hair type you can use sun flower oil, olive oil on sesame oil. To stop broken hair you can use of regularly oil. The best result you get to apply thrice or 4th times of oil and not to use shampoo for everyday. Your hair becomes rough for apply shampoo with in thrice or 4th times in a weak. And hair becomes breaks for roughness of hair.
  • Good to know

1/ Brush your hair by thickness of comb. Thinness of comb is pressure on hair.

2/ Avoid hair drier. Use natural air for hair drying. It is also remember when you style on hair.

3/ Take folic acid and biotin supplement as food and also protein vitamin B complex vitamin C and E is essential for hair.

teamed you hair minimum a month.


Apply olive oil with honey and apply shampoo after 30 minutes. If it necessary, you can apply shampoo again. It reduces to break hair.


Mixed a cup of raw milk, 2 egg and 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil. When the mixture become white add some drops of coconut oil apply it on 30 minutes. It reduces to break hair.

7 home made tips for reduce hair fall:

The worst experience is hair fall. We can do various things to reduce hair fall. Even valuable products are also can notreduce hair fall. But we have to remember that everyday 50-100 hair fall is very natural. But handful hair loss is harmful. To decrease this tension we have to follow some rules:

1/ coconut oil:

Everybody knows the good qualities of coconut oil. But somebody uses to stop apply coconut oil when hair fall starts which is totally wrong. Because coconut oil increases hair numbers of hair. In the sometime coconut oil have a lots of fat minerals and protein which reduce to break hair coconut milk is also use beside of coconut oil.


  1. Heat some quality of oil. Then apply whole hair and after one hour later wash it by shampoo.

2/ onion juice or pest:

Onion have a lots of Sulphur which helps to increase hair growth and collagen. Apply it on scalp. It reduces hair fall and grows new hair.


To cut the onion by many pieces and fetch juice from onion. Them the juice apply 15 minutes. Them wash hair by mild shampoo and dray hair use this twice a weak and notice for result.


Garlic has enrich in Sulphur like onion. Hair growth becomes increase to use this.


Paste some garlic. Them pour some coconut oil and boil this. When it get cool then apply. A 30 minutes letter wash it use it twice a weak to get better result

4 henna pack:

Basically henna is used for hair color. It is an famous pack. It is full of quality such as it helps to strong hair root. By mixing some elements to get healthy hair.


250 milliliter of mastered oil pour a pot. Then mixed it 60 gram clean and dried hennaleaves .Now, boil this mixture and filter this oil. Apply it on regular basis on scalp by massaging. Place this oil in an air tight container.

  1. China Rose:

China rose is one of the best hair product. It produces nutrition on hair, remove white hair. Even remove dandruff and reduce hair loss.


Mixed some china rose with sesame oil and coconut oil. Then blend it. Now, apply it on hair root. Wash it with normal water after some hours.

  1. Alma;

Those who have problem of hair loss, he or she must use alma. It is very useful because it’s have lots of vitamin C and antioxidant.


Mixed alma juice or an alma powder with lemon juice.Then apply it on hair root and wait till not dried. Then wash it with warm water.

  1. Eggs:

Eggs are enrich with some elements which control hair loss. Such as –Sulphur, Phosphorus, Selenium, Iodine Zinc and Protein. Every elements helps to increase long hair.


Take an egg’s white. Mixed it with one tea spoon of olive oil. Make a paste between two elements. Apply it on hair root. Wash it after 15 to 20 minutes with water and then apply shampoo.

Your hair become shiny and glassy by applying after shampoo;

Who does not want to get shiny hair? But it is very hard to catch. Our hair become rough and dull it gives us tension no result have found by using many cosmetic. So are have to do a task to get shining and glassy hair. To get the best result use some tips after apply shampoo.

Now take a tips for how to get shiny hair and don’t regularly and wait for the best result.

They are-

  1. Liquor therapy: Tea liquor is one of the best solution to get shiny hair. It can be applied oily, natural and dry hair.

To make this solution, take 2 cups of water with 6 table spoon of tea leaves. Then boil it on light heat. After sometimes liquor will get thicker when the solution get 1 cup from 2 cup them you understand that it will be ready to use it now filter this process and apply it on wet hair for 5 minutes after apply shampoo. Them wash it with normal water .

To get shiny hair use vinegar:

After shampooing use the mixture of vinegar and water. On hair then wash hair. Half cup of vinegar pour with a mug of  water. After 5 minutes use normal water to wash.

To get glassy hair for baking soda:

Baking soda has no alternation to get shining hair from lifeless hair. Mixed with a cup of warm water with one tea spoon of baking soda. Apply it wet hair for 5 minutes them wash it with normal water. Now see your glazy hair

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