Food and drink that promote a good sleep

To get sounds sleep is the most important for a healthy lifestyle. A sound sleep reduces risk of various types of problems like; emotional or mental stress , increase of power of physical health or digestion system of health and so on .

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Food and drink that promote a good sleep


The research of the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S.A recently published an article that carbohydrates, calcium & magnesium have some important elements which can controlled sleeping circle and recommended to take care some food before go to the bed to asleep .These foods are:

MILK: Milk is source of calcium .it helps to produce tryptophan in brain  or nerve system to improve sleepnquality.

BANANA: The bananas contain a significant amount of potassium & magnesium .These helps to relax muscles and nerve system .It also removes struggle with sleepi.


HONEY: Natural honey increase a little amount of insulin and produces tryptophan of brain which treats a number of health ailments .Serotonin and melatonin  of human body also produce tryptophan. They are responsible for our sleep and wake up of sleepi management circles.

EGGS: Eggs ae rich source of vitamin D. The storage of vitamin D ,it causes sleeping disorder.

WALNUT : Walnut is a great source of tryptophan. It contains amino acid which helps to fall asleep faster. Before go to bed if anyone eats some of walnuts I helps to improve sleep circle.

KIWI: It contains a balance amount of potassium and rich in serotonins and antioxidants. These help to sleep faster.

Malta: Malta helps to boost metabolism. It also can to deep sleepinging,,

Lettuce: The leaf of lettuce rich in vitamins which helps to deep asleep. If anybody eats lettuce salad in his daily meal, he have no problem about sleep circle.


Juice of Cherry: Cherry juice increases melatonin which is very effective to early sleepi.The researchers of the university of Rochester and Pennsylvania expressed that those who have insomnia problems they will recovered and benefitted  to drink cherry juice.

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