Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Natural Hair

Our hair becomes dull and damage for the uses of harmful chemical products, too much straightening, pollution, uses of hair dryer. It causes hair fall, damage hair, frizzy hair which is unpredictable to anybody. To reduce these problem we use many expensive products but the fact is it gives us temporary treatment not gives us permanent solutions. Because this type of is used chemical instead of herbal products. It also break our dreams to get long natural hair.



To get rid of the whole problem of hair, we use oil. It is one the most popular items for hair. If you want to gethealthynatural hair , you should apply oil in your scalp and hair. It nourishes your hair and scalp. Besides this, it also strong your hair root.
You must try this natural oil pack. This home made packs are:
1.Almond oil and castor oil
2.Sesum oil and mastered oil
3.Olive oil and castor oil
This mixture uses before go to bed at night. To get good result it should luke warm. And you must noticed that oil must reach to the each and every portion of hair. You will get very long natural hair.

How to keep natural healthy hair:


Eggs contains protein which help us to give thickness of hair. Making healthier hair use eggs minimum once a week. So that it recovers health of your hair.


Usually we used it for making jelly. But it also used for natural long hair. We get two types of gelatin in the market. They are-.1.with flavor
2. without flavor
But we should usedgelatin which one is without flavor. It can make your hair healthy.


Alovera is amusing to get long healthy natural hair. Put out the jelly ofalovera and mixed it with four spoon of honey
and apply on the top to bottom of the hair. It helps to get very long natural hair. If you want you can use any type of cream which one is available to the market. It nourished and repair damage hair. Use it within 15 days for hair growing longer.


Honey is more essential for get nutrients. It moistures scalp, As honey is a sticky substance so you should apply little amount of honey. Only 4 to 5 table spoon of honey you can use on hair. Wash 15 minutes after using this lovely items and noticed that honey should reach each and every part of your hair and hair root. After applying this wash it with cool water. Honey contains vitamin C and mineral water which helps to revitalizing every layer of hair. It also gives you healthy and long natural hair.


Onion removes the tendency of baldness on your head. To get healthy long hair use onion juice 2 to 3 times in a week up to 10 to 12 minutes if your want to satisfy about your hair growth. It increases blood circulation, removes hair floccule if it is damaged. So you can keeping your hair healthy.


Do you think that capsicum is also very useful elements for hair? Boil the capsicum with water for 7 minutes. Then wait 15 minutes for cooling the elements. It’s a very effective tonic for hair. Use this tonic twice a week after usuing shampoo then wash it after 15 minutes later. Your hair will become bouncy within a month and you will get really long natural hair.

How to keep healthy long hair:

You are very busy!! Okay. Give only twenty minutes per day and show the magic. We can see dull and damage hair problem are everywhere. Not only this but also hair fall problem also disturbing for anybody. To get rid of this problem everybody uses expensive products according to their income. But the ultimate result is zero. To reduce extra expenses you should try in your home. Tomake hair healthy and long hair you should try this remedy which is given below in your home.
Basically our hair becomes dull and damage for lacking of proper nutrition. Though we lead a very busy life we could not taking care properly. For this our hair become fragile and damage. Keeping healthy hair we should stay out from stress.
Elements forhow to increase hair growth: To get long hair it is not only necessary for using oil but also need some packs. Home made packs are very effective for length.
1. Ripe papaya according to hair length
2. Sour card of 2 table spoon

I. Make a pest by using ripe banana, sour card and little amount of water.
II. Use a little amount of water to get wet hair.
III. Use it in wet hair.
IV. Cover your head with a towel or napkin for 20 minutes.
V. After 20 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.
VI. Use it 2 to 3 times of a week. As it is a herbal products so it has no side effects.
The shine will come using papaya and sour card. Your hair become nourished so that your hair fall become less and hair growing longer.

Not only us but also our hair need food to get nutrients. We diet for losing weight. Again we eat vitamins and minerals contain food for skin care. But we forget about our hair. Vitamin E is essential for hair growth. Besides this, protein also helps us to get thicker of hair and also help to stop hair falling.We should vitamin e and protein contain food in our daily menu according to balance.

Brush your hair properly:
Brush your hair regularly for blood circulation. It maintains blood circulation. But sometime we do not comb our hair properly. Come your hair regularly in a gently way. Brushing hair at least 10 times before go to bed. It keeps your hairhealthy.

Clean your hair daily:
Use mild or herbal shampoo if you go to outside everyday. It helps to reduce sticky or dirty substance form hair.
Dandruff free hair tips in home:
For roughweather and dirt things causes dandruff in scalp. To get rid of this problem we should use anti dandruff products which are available. But to reduce expenses and to get goog result we can use home remedy. Some tips is only for you-

Lemon juice:
Use two table spoon of lemon juice with little amount of water and massage your scalp. Wash it after 2 to 5 minutes later. Apply it till the problem will remove.

Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is also helps to get dandruff free hair. To get long and healthy hair use community coconut oil which is made by in home. It also moisture your scalp and removes itching. You can use coconut oil with lemon juice also and wash it after 20 minutes later. You can apply it 2 times in a week.

Olive oil:
It moistures scalp. So massaging olive oil and washing it after an hour. It gives you long natural hair.

Tulsi and amlokipest:

Take some tulsi leaves and amla powder. Mixed it with water. Use this 3 times in a week to get nourished and dandruff free hair.

Apple slider vinegar:
Mixed a little amount of apple slider vinegar with Luke warm water and apply it on hair. Gently massage on your scalp. Then wash it after 8 to 10 minutes later.

Baking soda:
Use baking soda with one cup of luke warm water. Apply it instead of shampoo. IT gently cleans your hair. But if you use shampoo than apply a little amount of baking soda with it. Baking soda is also cure dandruff.

It is essential for removes drandraff. You can also use lemon juice with it. Apply and wash it after 10 minutes later.

Use aloverajel on 15 minutes before bath. Then apply shampoo. This helps to grow hair faster.

At first make a pest with garlic and water. Then apply it for 30 minutes before usuing shampoo.

Use 3 table spoon of Sali on your dry scalp. Massage it 2 to 3 times. Then wash it.

Bit root and ginger pest:
Blend bit root and ginger. Make a pest. Use this before go to bed and wash it in the next morning.

Apply ritha powder and wash it after 2 to 3 times later.

Onion juice:
Take 2 onions and pest it. Then apply it with one mug of water. Then massage it. Next wash it with water. And show the magic.

Neem juice:
It also removes dandruff. And increase for growing longer hair.

Methi :
At first take one handful of methi. Then submerged it with one mug of water. Do it at night. And the next morning, you make a pest with methi. Apply it on the root of the hair. Wash it gently after 3 to 4 hours later. After applying this use water which is lest over from submergedmethi.

To remove stickiness of hair:

Too much oily hair is so disturbing. You could not apply new hair cut and hair style. Now we will give you a solution from a beautician. These are-

Mixed 2 lemon juice and 2 cups of distill water. Use this solution after applying shampoo. After 5 minutes later wash it with water.

Apple slider vinegar:
It is good for oily hair. Mixed with it 2 tale spoon of baking soda with water. Apply it. Then 15 minutes later wash it. To get rid of this problem use it 3 times of a week.

How to use shampoo:
Hair becomes oily if you don’t apply shampoo properly. So it is very important to know the using process of shampoo.

Take a small bowl and mixed shampoo and water. Then apply it top to bottom of hair like using of oil. If you busy then apply it back part of hair and then come to the frontal part of hair. To get good result use it thrice of a week.

Maintain some tips for healthy natural hair:

 Use shampoo thrice a week.
 Use good products for oily hair.
 Don’t brush your hair again and again. When you brush your hair again ang again your hair of oil spread out of your scalp.
 Use shampoo if you use oil.
 Set your hair after drying hair.
 Don’t rub your hair on force. Use towel or napkin when your hair is wet.
 Team your hair within 2 or 3 months later after hair cut.

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